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About the farm

We love coming home for some peace and quiet.


Paul and I have been band directors since the early 80’s.  We bought our 10 acre hobby farm and raised our 4 children here. When the question of what to do with all of our land came up, we decided the answer was ALPACAS. Since 2015, our alpaca family has grown considerably. From our first four animals, we now have nine beautiful (and sometimes sassy) alpacas. 

Alpacas by nature are shy and inquisitive creatures. Their bone structure is not equipped to handle much weight (so no, they cannot be ridden), but some enjoy interacting with humans in ways like sniffing, being pet in specific places, and being fed grass or grains.  Like all camelids, they do communicate via spitting once in a while! They also communicate by humming to each other.

Let us know if you'd like to visit to meet the alpacas as well as explore our alpaca products. 

~ Jodie & Paul  

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